Emma Candy


CA 125


The tests told a story. The CA125 is an indicator of some kind of progress in the rate at which the chemotherapy knocks out the malignant cells. CA125 graph

But the results can be deceptive.

From July to September 2003 the graph seemed to indicate that the chemo was working. The CA 125 was reducing but, as it turned out not quite enough.

One type of cell was responsive and started to die. CA125 levels went down. Tumours were shrinking. Another type of cell was not reponsive to this drug combination and was not killed off. They may even have increased, but that did not make the size of the tumour increase as the first type of cells was being destroyed at the same time. This meant that the CA125 reading stayed the same for the last two treatments of the second course.

Treatment with carboplatin and docetaxel was continued until 15/10/03. Then the first line treatment was discontinued and the second line began.

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