Emma Candy



In the early 1990s, a number of exciting and challenging multimedia performances were devised and performed by a group of musicians, visual artists and technologists.

Emma was an active participant in this collaboration.

The first, 'Solitary Citizen' was presented in The Cottier, a renovated church in the West End, Glasgow. It was ambitious musically, visually and technically.

Emma produced some animations to accompany specific music tracks performed by The Moors lead by Malcolm Lindsay.

The second multimedia project, 'Positively Forth Street' was performed on a three night tour in Kirkcaldy, Dunfermline and Cupar, Fife. The work was composed by Malcolm and involved a quartet from the Scottish Chamber Orchestra and Richard Jobson as narrator.

Emma created animations again and also worked with Melanie Sims, taking her images of Fife urbanscapes and manipulating them digitally. This time the images and animations related to poems written by Ronnie Kerr.

Solitary Citizen

Movie Solitary Citizen


Positively Forth Street

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