Emma Candy



A talent for performing and eclectic tastes in music.

First the flute and then double bass lessons and eventually good enough to perform in the Leicestershire Concert Orchestra.

Whether it was driven by dreams of stardom or just a love of performing she became a rock chick in the days when few existed. She played bass guitar in Ella girl band with Dawn, Mary, Lydia, Pam and Lisa.

She had particular preference for George Michael from his Wham days onwards: she called her two fish, George Michael Fat and George Michael Ugly. Billy Bragg was a love that lasted a lifetime. And Paul Weller through The Jam, Style Council and beyond. Prince, Everything but the Girl, Isaac Hayes, Shangri-Las, DJ Food, G-Love and Special Sauce and many more.

She was very good at getting her younger siblings into concerts underage.

Creative Life

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