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Pretty in Pink

I've known Emma about half of my life. She came into my world whilst I was living in Glasgow back in 1989: we were both 'new in town'. Since then, she has been my regular confidant and best and loyalist of friends, but I'm not claiming exclusivity here -she had a lot of friends - many of you are here today - and I guess you all felt as special as I did. In fact, you'd probably find most of the time she was with me - she was actually texting you - and vice versa.

I also have to thank Emma for a thousand emails - salvaging many a nothing kind of day. With five or six exchanges we would regularly change the world and then promise to put it back together again - but properly. We never did though. But the best was face to face, that's when you made real progress. She was a communicator and a very clever one. She never talked rubbish, and always listened. I was a better me after those long chats and over the years established a connection, which I now know, is very rare.

I just liked the way she smiled with encouragement whilst letting me talk. Emma was never afraid to show what was on her mind - and yes let's say it - she could be a little difficult - and if you had the sharp end, count yourself lucky; this usually meant you were worth bothering with. Her mum would say that's the Australian in her.

Emma championed high, medium, and low culture equally - for Emma, Wife Swap, Dawson's Creek and Dostoevsky were all worth discussing. She liked Billy Bragg, Robbie Williams and, as her sister would say, was a sucker for most boy bands: she also had some good records.

I' ve asked others what they remember - nice skin one said, honest came up a lot, kind, stylish, clever, funny were the main categories. I'd add brave and 'right most of the time', as well as beautiful and 'awkward some of the time'.


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