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Emma Candy, who was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in June 2003 when she was 35 years old, wrote a blog charting her treatment, excerpts of which were published in the Guardian after she died in February last year.

Like many health bloggers, she often reflects on the meaning of her diary posts and the psychology behind them.

"Not sure what my blog is meant to be any more," she writes on November 12. "Is it a daily diary? A photo-love story? A eulogy to family and friends? A resource for others in the same situation?"

In the tradition of theatrical tragicomedies, however, Emma seems to cope with the most difficult situations through humour, a feature common to many health bloggers. In the darkest moments, a light touch can offer relief or perspective. And laughter unites people, bringing about the comfort of company.

Article by Natalie Hanman

This article was published 9th February 2005 one year after Emma's death and a month after Ivan Noble, who wrote a Tumour Diary, died.

Laurel Fantauzzo wrote an article, which refers to Emma as 'The Pioneer', thatwas published in Herald Times Online on the 8th March 2007.

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