Emma Candy

Career Path


In 2000 Emma took a job as a producer of web sites and interactive media at Amaze in Liverpool travelling from Manchester each day where she continued to live.

She was inspired by Roy Stringer whom she had met at Creativity & Cognition in 1999. He was the charismatic founder of the company and taught her the art of web design. Roy was an early pioneer and a leading light of the digital media industry. He died of cancer in January 2001.

At Amaze, she found friendship and shared passion for design and the good life in Katie Lips.

Later she knew Danny Brown and when he suffered a serious accident, visited him in hospital in between her chemotherapy. They joked about who was worse off.

Amaze came out of Liverpool John Moore's University Learning Methods Unit, which was explored how new forms of media could impact upon learning and communication and was incorporated in 1995


Emma's words