Emma Candy


A BA Hons 2.1 in 1990 and a hope of a career in design. But this was the end of the boom time and the graduate job market had plummeted.

She tried hard to find work as a designer in her local area but there was hardly any work around.

Eventually after a year, she decided to take a chance in Glasgow. There she forged a new life enjoying the experience of living in that city and making many lasting friendships.

Out of this time in 1992 came an MSc in Computer-Aided Buidling Design at Strathclyde University and then a job at Glasgow University in the Management Department on a short term contract.

In 1993 the move to Edinburgh was a big turning point. There, she joined the CLIVE project and bought her first flat in Easter Road.

For the next ten years she pursued a career in digital design from interactive online learning to mobile technologies.




Emma's words