Emma Candy

Career Path


Emma joined Oyster Partners as a project manager in 2001.

She quickly became a popular and key member of the successful Orange account team working across Europe controlling the project management across the entire account. Emma developed a penchant for immensely complex colour-coded project plans which seemed to give her high levels of joy.

Much of her work involved trying to push the boundaries of interface design to look at new models of interaction. This work focused on investigating and prototyping the future use of handheld devices such as Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) and mobile phones.

Throughout the years she spent at Oyster, Emma developed many lasting friendships becoming a mentor to many and after-work drinking buddy to more. Full of energy and smiles, many commented on how her infectious enthusiasm rubbed off on the entire team.

Whilst at Oyster, Emma lived the full dot com boom and crash during the early part of the turn of the century. Like many, she joined at a time when at least 4-6 people joined every week over a 6-8 month period before eventually falling victim to the inevitable multiple waves of redundancy and restructuring which decimated the company throughout the following years.

Emma's words